Wednesday, February 7, 2007

For my reorganizing my room project, what I did was meticulously clean my sleeping space. I believe this worked on many levels because not only was this what I had to do because I live with my girlfriend, and she didn't want me moving stuff, but also, you wanted us to change the way we perceive our room, and have to change the typical directions we move strolling through it. No longer do I have to avoid the shoes and pants on the floor, and make a left at the hamper to sit at the computer chair, where there's no space to put anything. And no longer will people thing were disgusting slobs when they see the way that we sleep. And now there's not four feet piles of junk on top of the dresser. I've actually messed around with space of my room by not moving everything around, but by clearing unnecessary stuff out of the way. This is why I feel what I did works for this project.

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