Wednesday, February 7, 2007

For my creating a new situation in my community project, I made a little Happy Presidents Day card for my fellow neighbors who I've never talked to before. Even though it's not until the 19th, it's still the closest holiday besides honesty Abe's birthday. Anyway, I figure I'd create a new situation by developing a friendship between people who live right near me, but who I'd never had a conversation with in the two years since I moved in. Thus, making them feel good about getting a card in the mail (people always want to be loved), and making me feel good about attempting to relate to people. I haven't gotten a response yet because they probably think I'm insane, but that's just the price you pay for greatness. Besides, I don't get my hair cut, so I couldn't do that.

For my reorganizing my room project, what I did was meticulously clean my sleeping space. I believe this worked on many levels because not only was this what I had to do because I live with my girlfriend, and she didn't want me moving stuff, but also, you wanted us to change the way we perceive our room, and have to change the typical directions we move strolling through it. No longer do I have to avoid the shoes and pants on the floor, and make a left at the hamper to sit at the computer chair, where there's no space to put anything. And no longer will people thing were disgusting slobs when they see the way that we sleep. And now there's not four feet piles of junk on top of the dresser. I've actually messed around with space of my room by not moving everything around, but by clearing unnecessary stuff out of the way. This is why I feel what I did works for this project.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Deconstruct The City Space

Deconstruct = Take down, or break a part. This can be done mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

The = Overused. I think it should be taken out of the English language.

City = Some place you go to take a dump, just kidding. Not suburban or rural. Usually marked by high populations, industrialization, and one way streets.

Space = Something we attempt to understand, but will never fully comprehend. I always make the connection to time when I contemplate space.


There’s a couple of pop-up maps I’d like to comment on. The first is Mariko’s. The everyday map, well I can’t even remember what that was, no offense, but the labyrinth was awesome. Using the transparent photo paper was a terrific idea. When you put these pictures together they create what seems like an endless world, with many layers, and countless directions. And when lift it up, you see the space in between these layers, and you realize they’re not endless, but part of a bigger picture. Also, I liked the fact it was mobile because things change in a labyrinth.

Another map that I liked was Jamey’s. So, I guess the name game did work. Anyway, I am in appreciation to Jamey’s neighborhood map. I liked that fact that everything was the same, and everything was bland. It described actual existence very well. I envy this map, and I wish I did this with my neighborhood map. Besides, Dave was right when he said it looked like a graveyard. Did he say that? Well, if he didn’t, I did.

Mr. T-shirt

I'm not sure if we we're supposed to document our t-shirts and pop up maps. This I would find unreasonable because we’ve already done these assignments and expressed it to the class. I’ll still comment on a couple of others.

This in general, I found fascinating about a lot of shirts. It was the fact that in a lot of them, there was nothing good or pleasurable going on. Everything was work and school, and no play. So I was thinking, what’s the point of living, and mine was no exception. Then I realized that there was some light at the end of the tunnel documented on some shirts, and it was some intangible dream of moving to Hollywood or becoming rich or implausibly successful . So then I realized those dreams are what keeps us going, and I tied it in to people’s attitudes in general. It seems like the older you get the more miserable you are, but miraculously after a while you‘re content. You see, the dreams begin to fade, until eventually you convince yourself that you never wanted anything but what you had. Either that or you’re disgusted by everything.

Another shirt I’d like the comment on is Mariko’s. This shirt was so precise and well orchestrated it has to be mentioned. The whole idea about the paths and the means to get somewhere, and using a t-shirt and technology to illustrate to us how you can use these things like a puzzle. You need both to solve the mystery of the T-shirt. It was really cool, and must have taken a lot of effort. A+